Live Review: Feeding The Psychedelic Vibe With Feed Me In NYC

Inferno. This past Saturday in New York city, the legendary concert madhouse known as Terminal 5 got way hotter than your typical rage night at 610 W 56th Street. Kicking off his long awaited “Psychedelic Journey Tour” hitting 26 venues in the US and ending with two shows in Canada over the next two months. Feed Me, born Jonathan Gooch, has spent the past years conceptualizing the tours image and worked first hand with stage designers to mimic his iconic razor fanged cartoon, “Teeth”. All who’ve been following the D&B/glitch-step superstar’s social media outlets have had the privilege to see the stage during design and construction even before the first show at Terminal 5. The unveiling was more than exceptional as more than 20 separate LED screens projecting in unison images and graphics, but in the full frame, it was shaped to be the eyes and fang laden grin from his green bodied cartoon. As countless attendees were spotted sporting green “Teeth” masks (seen in the music video from “Love Is All I Got”), the venue was certainly packed with devout Feed Me fans.

Opening for Feed Me was Brooklyn based DJ, “Space Jesus” who has been churning out some incredibly trippy psychedelia sounds, mixed in with a truly original dubstep feel; it’s no wonder he was chosen to set the tone for Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey. As well as “Tjani” who will also be joining with Feed Me on the tour, he was selected to drop the first beats of the night and absolutely crushed it. Other artists that we can expect to see along the “Psychedelic Journey: Live with Teeth” tour are (but not limited to): Le Castle Vania, Treasure Fingers, Delta Heavy and Zeros.

During the months since the original release date over the winter, Feed Me Fans have been patiently waiting for the “Psychedelic Journey” EP to drop while Jon Gooch has been taking his time to perfect his sound. Evidently, he deemed it fitting to release a few weeks before the tour fired up. Suiting up the four intense tracks included on the album to drop his freshest new music on the tour, along with notable Feed Me bangers such as “One Click Headshot” and a tuned-up “Pink Lady.” Touching upon his last album, Calamari Tuesday, which released less than a year ago featuring key favored tracks like “Love Is All I Got” and “No Grip.” All in all, Feed Me had the four floors in Terminal 5 going absolutely bananas, just as every stop along the Psychedelic Journey Tour is set to leave you with a bigger grin than “Teeth” himself.

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