23 Male Celebs We’d Put in The Friend Zone


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What’s the “friend zone”? It’s a reference to a friendship where one person has unrequited romantic or sexual interest in the other. The person has become the other person’s diary of failed romantic quest.

In our instances, we’re relishing over the guys with this title. The ones that aren’t as forward with their feelings and confident with their approach. The one that’s just a little “too” nice without a drop of edge to counteract their good guy status. They are more timid and usually wait until it’s too late to muster up the guts to try and get her and by then, you’ve officially been friend zoned. But don’t worry, the zone you have a designated spot in isn’t empty. It’s actually full of guys just like you who make a great friend just never get a chance to make a great boyfriend.

And don’t believe those movies where the good guy finished first. It’s a bad blueprint to follow. Also money doesn’t but you a one way ticket out of the friend zone and help you escape the vortex of rejection.

Now let’s be clear, not all men listed belong in everyone’s friend zone nor are they unattractive. Actually they are all quite appealing. But when questioned about dating or befriending the names listed were unanimously #friendzoned.
Sorry guys, we love you but we just don’t love you like that—check out the 20 celeb guys that are in Vixen’s friend zone.


Do we even need to explain ourselves. If there was an official friend zone group, he’d be the founder and president.

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*The list was comprised by the VIBE Vixen staff