Ma$e Speaks Harsh Truths On Ferguson Inspired Track ‘Politically Incorrect’


Yeah yeah yeah I hear the talk. But I’m also watching Zimmerman and Wilson walk

In the wake of the shooting death of unarmed teen Mike Brown, several hip-hop artists have shown their support for the 18 year old with musical tributes. However, none have been this honest as Harlem’s Ma$e.

Mason Betha holds no punches on the Ferguson, Mo., inspired song Politically Incorrect. as he speaks about the frustrations of being a black man in America. He also talks about Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and even calls out President Obama, wondering if he’s willing to help his own people.

Ma$e fans can take delight in knowing he’s in the studio working on his forthcoming album “Now We Even.”

Interested in what Ma$e has to say? Of course you are. CLICK HERE