Mike Brown’s Cousin Speaks Out: ‘Michael Was A Funny And Gentle Soul’


The family of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the unarmed Ferguson, Missouri teen gunned down by police Aug. 9, has spoken out.

Thursday night during a live interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Eric Davis, Michael Brown’s cousin, spoke on behalf of the Brown family and told Blitzer about the unrest they’re experiencing. He also shed light on who the college-bound teen was.

“Michael, was a funny, gentle soul,” Davis said with a smile. “He always made you laugh and smile. He was a big guy in stature but when he opened his mouth, he had a quiet voice.”

Davis who appeared with Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden and another relative, said Brown had plans of becoming an engineer. Davis continued by saying the family has not been able to grive or make funeral arrangements for Brown due to the ongoing investigation, that they are still in the dark about.

“At the present time, we have no trust in the Ferguson police department, Davis said adamantly. “They have not been transparent. We’re still looking for answers. They have not been transparent in any shape, form or fashion. We’re in the dark and that’s hard to do when you lose a child, especially your first born.”

While the investigation in the death of the teen continues, the name of the officer responsible has not been made public. Before finishing the interview, Davis thanked everyone for their support and asked that people continue to keep the protests peaceful.”

“The main message we would like to share with viewers out there in America, we want justice for Michael Brown. We do not want to have any looting or violence going on at all. Please keep showing your support with peaceful demonstrations.”

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