Demonstrators Gather In Times Square To Honor Mike Brown


Demonstrators marched to Times Square Thursday night to show their solidarity to Mike Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old Missouri teen gunned down by police Aug. 9.

A candlelight vigil was held earlier Thursday evening in Union Square, CBS2 reports. Attendees, blocking traffic, then began a march up Broadway and seventh avenue to Times Square. The photo pictured shows the thousands of people who marched to show their support for the teenager and all those killed by police brutality. The mostly peaceful protesters chanted “Hands up. Don’t shoot!”

Almost 90 demonstrations took place across the country for the teen who was shot just days before heading off to college. In a live interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Eric Davis, Mike’s Brown’s cousin asked that all demonstrators remain peaceful.

“The main message we would like to share with viewers out there in America, we want justice for Michael Brown. We do not want to have any looting or violence going on at all. Please keep showing your support with peaceful demonstrations.”

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