Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott Are Brewing Up Something For Fashion Lovers


When you put fashion and music’s wild child together in a room there shall be nothing less than sparks flying—and for all the good, creative reasons you could imagine.

If you haven’t already heard, Jeremy Scott and Miley Cyrus are in cahoots when it comes to this fashion thing. The wacky designer let the cat out the bag during the VMA red carpet this past week telling reporters,”Miley and I have something very exciting that we are brewing for the future,” and when he says future we’re automatically thinking NYFW, which is quickly approaching.

Miley is a huge fan of Scott’s designs as she’s always rocking his visionary and cutting-edge garments, so this collaboration comes as no surprise. With no word from the tongue-wagger just yet, we’ll have to just sit back and watch what Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott contrive.

Photo Credit: MTV