Missouri Governor Doesn’t Know Who Shot Mike Brown


Beneath all the protest, commotion, and public outcry, people just want to know answers. Especially, the answer to this burning question: who killed unarmed teen Mike Brown? Though everyone’s been asking, a specific name has not been released in efforts to “protect” the officer’s identity. Supposedly, Missouri governor Jay Nixon hasn’t the slightest clue himself. According to the Huffington Post, Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson planned to release the officer’s name but changed his mind due to an overwhelming amount of death threats at the police department.

“I don’t know the name of who the officer is. I’m not conducting either of the investigations,” he said at a press conference yesterday. “There’s certainly, in my view, methods and abilities to do that I’m not sure litigation is the best method…but I think it would be an important milestone here to get that out as expeditiously as possible.”

Welp, so much for that Vixens. Hopefully justice will be served sooner than later and the officer who killed Mike Brown will finally turn up. Keep posted with us for further information on the story.

Photo Credit: Instagram