Mom Sells Kid’s Katy Perry Concert Tickets Online As Punishment For Bad Behavior


When you’ve done something wrong you can count on the fact that your parents will know just how to get you where it hurts.

One Katy Perry fan learned that the hard way. After she did something naughty, her mom Cindy Bjerke from Fargo,  North Dakota decided to punish her by not only taking away her concert tickets, but by posting them on Facebook with the headline “Spoiled Brat Daughter Doesn’t Deserve These Tickets for Sale.”

The advert on the Fargo/Moorhead Online Garage Facebook page received 200 likes and several comments of support but was later taken down by the administrator, who according to Yahoo News said it “distracts from the purpose of the page.”

While a few people have criticized the mother for her method of punishment, Bjerke insists she wanted to discipline her daughter, not embarrass her. She added, “It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, you’re always wrong to somebody.”

Luckily (although maybe not for the daughter), the tickets sold in five minutes. Click on for more examples of extreme parenting.

Photo Credit(s):,  Huffington Post