Monday Mix: 9 Dance Music Releases To Kickoff The Week


Kickoff the week with these recent 9 dance music releases, curated by DJ, producer and vocalist Lea Luna.

1. The Alexanders- “Pwoin Pwoin Pwoin”
Individually, these two are connoisseurs of international dance music culture (the duo is comprised of UK’s Alex Metric and France’s Yuksek, who already have their own respective sounds and followings). Together, their sound is a culmination of the house influence they’ve both become famous for, with hints of new UK bass and french touch. Their newest creation together as the Alexanders is named “Pwoin Pwoin Pwoin” … is that onomatopoeia?

2. Kendrick Lamar vs Tycho- “Vibe Walk” (Break Science Remix)
This perfectly mixed concoction of hip hop, downtempo, and bass music is a great blend of the summer festival vibe with the chilled-out, intelligent autumn music mood coming in. Thanks to Break Science (remixers and live musicians for Pretty Lights’ live show), the massive hip hop hit “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Kendrick Lamar is now available in the electronic arena, making a fresh comeback with this complete reinterpretation, which uses the expert notes of Tycho from “A Walk” to completely change the vibe.

3. Kaytranada- “Leave Me Alone” feat. Shay Lia
Canadian producer Kaytranada is killing it lately, with a full tour set up for this fall starting at the Mad Decent block party in San Diego and ending in Paris at Pitchfork Festival. This soulful track entitled “Leave Me Alone” has a wide genre influence, featuring a moody vocal by fellow Canadian Shay Lia that really ties the whole sound together. These are pretty good breakup lyrics for those who got burned this summer.

4. Elliphant feat. Skrillex- “Only Getting Younger” (TJR remix)
This remix is jam packed with pure party flair, featuring the signature bounce sound of TJR. It’s one of of 5 high-energy remixes on the new “Only Getting Younger” remix EP for Elliphant feat. Skrillex, which features remixers Milo & Otis, BRAZZABELLE, Vice & Justyle, and NGHTMRE & Imanos. Just like any EDM fan would expect of the likes of TJR or Skrillex, this is one for the peak hour at a major festival or superclub.

5. I See MONSTAS- “Circles” (I See MONSTAS)
I See MONSTAS have just remixed their own drum & bass tune “Circles,” pitching the vocal down and giving it a little more musical depth. The video is a compilation of joyful, nostalgic clips of all kinds of different people in life’s constant movement, which drives home the meaning of the lyrics perfectly. Give “Circles” a spin.

6. Friends In Paris- “Waiting” (Way Back remix)
“Waiting” is a smooth, masterfully written, genre-bent electronic pop song by Friends in Paris. This Way Back remix is a whole new spin on the original, adding that deep house feel that is a staple influence on turntables everywhere right now with the resurgence of this classic genre. It’s pretty clear that the aim of this remix was to take a great song and make it more dancefloor appropriate. Well done.

7. S-Man feat. GTO- “Too Close” (S-Man club mix)
There’s an old-school feel to this record, as you would expect it to have since it’s from the S-Man, better known as Roger Sanchez. He’s taken up this new pseudonym to signify his recent focus on returning to the deeper, darker side of underground music. “2 Close” featuring vocalist GTO, is a definite house vocal, backed up by a bumping, warehouse-shaking beat that is totally worth a new name of its own.

8. Mike Hawkins and Jay Hardway- “Freedom”
Mike Hawkins and Jay Hardway mean business with this monstrous production recently out on Spinnin’, with intense melodies and drops all throughout the whole thing. This one would be great at an all-ages massive due to all the fun sounds and the bendy lead synth that almost makes you feel like you’re in a video game.

9. Henrix & Sevag- “Latina”
From New York, to Miami, to Las Vegas and beyond, Henrix and Sevag are making waves in the club world. This video is a short clip of their recent release “Latina” displaying energetic moments of their shows that will make you want to spray champagne and scream with excitement while you dance.