National Left Handers Day: 17 Vixens That Are Left-Handed


Today another interesting holiday is celebrated, National Left Handers Day.

Growing up left-handed in school was a major discomfort. Certain desk made life harder, using scissors was a hard feat, and writing a complete essay without ink on your hands was impossible.

And the worst part about it, the righties could understand your dilemma because they had it so easy. But somehow knowing your precious celebrities had it just as bad, make you feel better about your ordeal. Male celebrities like Bill Gates and Barack Obama represent for all the lefties guys but what about the women? While one of the richest and most powerful men prove left-handed fellas are destined for greatness, what about our ladies?

As we celebrate National Left Handers Day, check out the 17 vixens that raised the bar and are lifting their left palms in celebration.

Oprah Winfrey

All Photos: Getty