National Underwear Day: Best Celeb Undergarment Ads


Eva Mendes National Underwear Day

Today marks another holiday we didn’t to know existed, National Underwear Day.

On August 5, 2003, Freshpair created National Underwear Day to “publicly shine a light on the ‘unmentionables.'” And 11 years later, we’re still celebrating it. We may not always wear the snug nether region cover but we all own a pair or many. Like most products celebrities endorse, even underrated garments get pictured with our favorite celebs.

Not knowing if we should keep our eyes on their million dollar looks or flaunted assets in NSFW attire, the sexy stars make even the most family-friendly brands look enticing.

From Calvin Klein to Hanes, celebrate the 11-year old holiday with a look at our favorite celebrity underwear ads.