New Music: Lil Kim Has More Words For Nicki Minaj On ‘Identity Theft’


You know the drill.

On this Wednesday afternoon, Lil Kim has released yet another “diss” song directed towards Nicki Minaj. We’re just as over it as you all are, so here are the lyrics to the first verse. Venture on for the full song if you dare. We still love ya, Kimmy, but c’mon already.

Lil Kim: Uh, it’s looking like I’m headed back behind bars again
Cause bitches wanna start with Kim and I ain’t with the arguing
I’m jet chartering, fresh cardigan
Getting my Martha in while these broke hoes borrowing
I guess it’s back to stashing guns in the bra again
Pulling bitches out they car again
These swagger jackers give the game a bad look
Pop shit on Twitter and apologize on Facebook
And now they wanna send me requests
Telling me that I’m simply the best
I won’t stop till I see my enemies rest
They probably get locked up for identity theft
I ain’t got time for bum bitches
The gun hidden, I come with it
Anything you tryna do, I done did it
I’ll let you live for a while but I’m done with the crown
The queen’s back, bitches, come get it (via rapgenius)