New Video: Maceo Plex’s “Conjure Superstar” Is The Worst Night Out Ever


Taking a cue from Arofnosky’s nightmarish “Requiem for a Dream,” Barcelona tech-house provocateur Maceo Plex’s new video “Conjure Superstar” drops the viewer into the center of some dubious nightlife shenanigans that end in unsavory consequences. Shot verité style with a camera phone, its queasy realism is heightened by the fact that some of the extras were cast in response to Plex inviting fans to the London shooting in late July. The end result comes with the kind of “discretion advised” warning that would make teens titter in anticipation – drugs, nudity, violence, bloodletting, oh my! Presumably part of a series of tracks critiquing club culture to be released via his own label Ellum and Richie Hawtin’s Minus, “Conjure Superstar” is Plex’s rail against the decrepit state of DJ culture. “My distaste for DJs & Producers that act like arrogant superstars while using the services of ghost writers can be heard in my latest release,” he has said. “Everyone’s a Conjured up Superstar. Is it really about the music anymore?” Keep watching for his Conjured series to find out. As for the track itself, it’s a throbbing slice of Motorik electro, peppered with Maceo’s jaded bedroom voice, mockingly chanting “you want respect, you won’t get none…” It’s a sound that Cuban-American Maceo may be exploring further via his “electro/experimental” alter ego, Mariel Ito. “Conjure Superstar” which was Pete Tong’s essential tune, is out now on Kompakt Records.