Nicki Minaj Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of “Anaconda” And…We’re Here For It!


While I.T departments are running ragged trying to restore power to the Internet that broke because of the Beyonce and Nicki Minaj “Flawless” remix, Onika is hard at work putting the finishing touches on her video “Anaconda.”

In the two-minute behind the scenes teaser, Nicki is seen dolled up with a group of sexy, bottom-heavy women shaking their assets for the camera on the jungle themed set. She does a quick wardrobe change into a hot red number where she’s the attention of some buff, oiled up dudes. The real fun begins backstage when a liquored up Nicki Minaj shows off her island gyal ways and begins speaking patois.

“Why una vex!” Nicki screams into the mirror?

Is she saying anything important other than purchasing Pine Sol from the dollar store? No! But it’s still brings more joy to a Yardie’s heart than a fresh pot of curry chicken. No word yet on when the Pink Print emcee will release the full video for the Twerktastic single, but until then, this teaser will just have to suffice.

Click here for the video