More Than $30,000 Raised In Support Of Officer Darren Wilson


While racial tensions in Ferguson, Mo., wage on, supporters of officer Darren Wilson have come together to help raise money for Wilson and his family.

The Support Darren Wilson Facebook page, boasts 35,305 likes, as well as a link to a Go Fund Me account, which as of Aug. 19 has raised $36,449, with a goal of raising $100,000. “Support Officer Darren Wilson” T-Shirts are also being sold for $18.99 to fundraise for the St. Louis officer.

As support for Officer Wilson continues to grow, so does the page. The Support Officer Darren Wilson Facebook page has a light as the page’s profile photo and a badge with the officer’s name, the state of Missouri emblem along with the words “I Stand By You.” as the background photo. The about section reads:

“This page is a way to show our Support for Officer Darren Wilson! We believe in all of our LEOs and want to publicly stand up for him!”

The page is said to also have been created Aug. 9, the same day Mike Brown was shot, according to the first of three autopsy reports “at least” six times, by Wilson.

A Support for Mike Brown’s Family Facebook page has 451 likes.