Opinion: Diplo’s ‘Kandi’ Ban Is A Mad Decent Move


For some ridiculous reason, Diplo is under fire for the banning of “kandi” at Mad Decent’s Block Parties in response to the injuries and tragic deaths that occurred. Now let me rock your worlds with my candid remarks that might make some people angry. So be prepared to be offended, shocked, and possibly dumbfounded. It’s not my fault you don’t see the big picture, or value human life over a bracelet.

Lets be realistic, the rave scene is closely correlated with drug use. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Rockers have their mosh pits and beer, EDM has their kandi, warehouses and drugs. I don’t correlate this personally, but mass America and uneducated newcomers sure as hell do. If you get rid of one element to this falsehood, maybe they’ll stay at home and not become public hazards. Or maybe they’ll go for the concert experience and not a drug fueled weekend that could endanger their safety.

With the influx of young and impressionable festival attendees, comes the influx of stupidity. These kids are thinking the prerequisites to go to a dance event include, tu tu’s, kandi, and about seven hits of molly. You can deny the validity of this, but you know this is the mindset of tons of these new “ravers.” These confused and uneducated party animals have become a hazard to themselves and others with this misinformation. But young kids putting substances into their bodies and dying is unfortunately far from new.

Take Vans Warped Tour, the country’s longest ran festival tour, in any genre. They are arguably the most seasoned and educated group of professionals when it comes to these over zealous, misinformed youth. This year, to the response of all the injuries that have came from moshing, they banned it. Now this is usually an intricate part of the shows that take place, but do you know what’s more important to the concert experience? Safety and the well being of their attendees—bottom line.

Diplo took a measure that he thinks will help stop kids from dying. Why in gods name is he getting flack for that? He’s trying to keep kids safe, and to have them at the shows for the right reasons. If your festival experience is damaged because of a few beads, then you are flat out the problem. In the grand scheme of things, if getting rid of kandi prevents one injury or one death, then its more than justified and Diplo deserves a high five. - Devan Welch / Rubix Management