People Of Ferguson: A Photo Series (Pt .1)


On August 15, 2014, photojournalist Antonio Thompson explored the streets of Ferguson to get a sense of the people and their mission. Their stories are both common and unique—inspiring and hopeful. These are the people of Ferguson—in their own words.

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Walter Rice

“I’ve been in Ferguson pretty much my entire life—since 1948. Got my high school diploma from Ferguson High School in 1958, as one of only a handful of Black people. I was here when segregation was a real thing. So I carry my diploma with me to show people that this is where I’m from, and this is where I have lived, and this is where I’ve achieved through times that were worst than this! I’m a veteran and have gone overseas to fight for my country. And in fighting, I’ve seen the worst things you can imagine as a human being. And what do I see today? More war. Except, it’s in my own community. And what makes me angry? That I’m a retired veteran and I’m still fighting.”