Pharrell Launches ‘The Pharrell Burger’


pharrell nba 2k15 The Pharrell Burger

Pharrell Williams is a creator of many things and his newest ventures is edible. Embracing his inner foodie he created his own signature burger, The Pharrell Burger.

The yummy fast-food delicacy will feature a well-seasoned burger, melted cheese, chopped onions and a fresh tomato, smothered with a rich signature cream sauce between two toasted buns.

Unfortunately to get a taste of the music mogul’s culinary art skills you have to travel to Tokyo, Japan as it’s featured exclusively on NIGO’s 2-5 café’s menu. According to Consequence of Sound, the Voice coach is close friends with the cafe’s owner. So if we want The Pharrell Burger in the states, we need some restaurant execs to get chummy with the star.

Photo Credit(s):  Getty