Plastic Surgery-Loving Stars Who Could be Immortalized as Plastic Dolls


Brazilian model Celso Santebanes has had four major cosmetic surgeries—on his jaw, chin, and nose and silicone implants in his chest—all in a bid to look more like his idol…wait for it…a Ken doll.

The 20-year-old has blown a small fortune on turning his body into Barbie’s BF and now, coming full circle, he is getting his own doll made which will look like him, according to Yahoo News.

Celso wrote on his Instagram account:

“I never expected to have a toy myself … I went to the city to become a model … I dreamt of being a human puppet, but having one in my image was completely unexpected.”

Celso’s new business venture got us thinking about celebrities who are… er, let’s say…less than natural, who could also consider investing in their own freaky figurines. Click through to see the stars we think deserve their own plastic mini mes.

Photo Credit: Celso Santebanes Instagram