Premiere: Jaust “Feel The Smoke Rise”(Pismo Version)


Jaust is a Los Angeles based producer originally from New Zealand, who moved to NYC in his 20’s to work as a composer. While creating music for film, video games, commercials and art installations the early ideas an album came together. Incorporating sound design as a musical medium, influences from film and art projects, he began to think about songs in terms of being highly visual pieces. Like short films that take you somewhere using not just the lyrics but creating dramatic and dynamic sonic back drop.

Traveling between Berlin, New York and London for various art installations, commercials and films he kept picking up inspiration for a full length album. With the help from local Los Angeles artists lending their voices to his sound ideas an album came into shape. An insight into the influences that make up Jaust include, Comsat Angles, early Shriekback, Propaganda, Grace Jones, Rustie, Apparat, Kid Cudi and the music of David Lynch. If a song can conjure up a world where you can see the surroundings and characters then thats a good song, to create a play in your head is a real treat. Its something you wouldn’t have had without that song being in existence.

To mark his debut release the mysterious producer, now based in LA, Jaust has enlisted an array of musical counterparts to remix “Feel the Smoke Rise,” featuring rapper Pismo, a taster of his forthcoming album Definites, out on August 19th via the human label.

Listen to it below first on VIBE.