‘RapFest’ Network Launches With Prodigy, Smoke DZA, Gunplay, And More


Every new platform attempts to outdo those that come before it. With blogging itself seeming wayward, one outfit is in search of changing the platform of digital marketing for the better.

The RapFest, a membership based digital outfit that is designed to bridge the gap between new artists, producers, and today’s top-teir Hip Hop talent by incorporating ciphers, networking tools and marketing campaigns.

“Rapfest will quickly become an innovative platform responsible for shifting digital media in a new direction,” the company stated in a press release.

Utilizing the cipher as its core mean of promotion, The RapFest understands that the bigger and more popular the names are that participate, the more eyes are drawn to it. For example, each cipher on RapFast takes an industry big name and pairs them with a hungry and determined undiscovered emcee ready to prove his or her mettle.

Every artist’s cipher is shot in HD and will be presented with production from an unknown producer, incorporating interview footage and allowing viewers an inside look into their work. Each episode is set to appear on an MTV network and expand its coverage on blogs and websites.

With a backroom community geared towards networking and a spotlight shined exclusively upon underground acts being in collusion with far more established ones. What RapFest looks to accomplish is to stretch the idea of digital marketing far beyond the wait and see approach.

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