Raury’s ‘Indigo Child’ Artwork And Tracklist


In New York tonight to let a select few in on his debut project, Raury’s released the cover art and tracklist to his upcoming Indigo Child album. The 13-track tape contains no features and includes his two breakthrough singles, “God’s Whisper” and “Cigarette Song”.

The story about the artwork may be even more interesting. Raury, who painted it on a ceiling tile in his high school art class got the original image from a friend. Feeling the need to remember his Atlanta high school experience, the singer/songwriter broke into his old high school to get it.

01. War (Part One)
02. What Goes Up
03. God’s Whisper
04. Superfly
05. Amor
06. Rest
07. Wildfire
08. Woodcrest Manor
09. Cigarette Song
10. Dreaducation
11. Chariots of Fire
12. Sweet N Sour
13. Seven Suns