Review: Goldroom Glitters In Philly At Morgan’s Pier


Friday night in Philadelphia, boasting the scenery of the Ben Franklin Bridge and bordering the Delaware River, Morgan’s Pier hosted a DJ set from the epically chilled and super smooth sounding Los Angeles native: Josh Legg aka, Goldroom.

Overcast, humid, rainy and all around poor weather conditions might’ve deterred most from attending the outdoor riverside venue, but it would take a monsoon for PA/NJ Goldroom fans to miss this show. $5 tickets had you pinching yourself to see if it was a dream. Like a dream indeed.

Morgan’s Pier is not your average venue, it’s riverside view and staggering photo-op of the Ben Franklin Bridge can even be seen from the dance floor. The Pier isn’t all stage and show, it’s two bars; first is a more relaxed bar atmosphere, and the other is adjacent the dance floor. So when Goldroom came on, people flocked to the dance floor to snag their piece of hardwood for the duration of his set.

Opening up with a phenomenal tone-setter, what sounded like “Espoir” by “Darius”. Moving through his set with a tuned-up version of his world favorite “Embrace”, and adding his own touch of gold to the “Crave You” vocals from Giselle. The West Coast elemental sound had everyone under the dance floor canopy forgetting the rainy, dreary night. Close your eyes and the music would have you seeing a California sunset.

Goldroom receiving grade A reviews from fans and newcomers alike after releasing the much desired and long awaited “2014 Verano Mix”. Comprised of the most laid back, chilled out, feel good, Cali vibes picked and packed up with a Goldroom touch into “Verano”. It’s no question that his set on Friday included tracks you’ll find on the mix. Dropping less than a month ago, it’s still burning holes in our playlists.

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