RHOA’s Derek J Faces Lawsuit Over Stolen Weave


Derek J

 According to Radar Online, an unhappy customer is claiming that high-profile hair stylist Derek Johnson—who goes by Derek J—stole her weave when she went to his shop, The J Spot Salon, to have it reinstalled. The plaintiff, who wants to remain unnamed, told Radar that after Johnson took her hair out, washed it and sewed it back in it didn’t seem like it was the same hair.

“After, I did mention to him that I thought it looked a little thin, but he swore up and down that he put all the hair back in, and I never even dreamed that I had completely different hair,” she claimed. “To my horror, when I got home, I quickly realized I didn’t have all the hair on my head.”

The woman also believes that J installed another customer’s hair in her head and encouraged other stylists to steal her extensions. The Fashion Queens co-host told Radar that he offered the customer to come back to the salon and get her hair fixed but she refused.

“It was basically a misunderstanding,” said Johnson, who also appears on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. “She had hair in, and I took her hair out to wash it, and putting it back in is like putting a puzzle back together. If it gets misconfigured, it won’t have the same look as it did. That’s basically what happened, that it didn’t get put back in as it was supposed to. I offered for her to come back in and have it fixed. But she said no and six months later I get a lawsuit. It’s really, really ridiculous.”

The Atlanta businesswoman said she paid $700 for Derek J’s services and is suing him for $2,000.

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