Memphis Mayor Gives Rick Ross Keys To The City


Rick Ross makes boss moves in his sleep.

After announcing his Wingstop franchise expansion, MMG’s Rick Ross visited Memphis, Tenn., Wednesday where he received the keys to the city from Mayor, AC Wharton at the grand opening of two renovated Wingstops.

“It is most definitely an exciting time for me and what i like to call the “Boss Wings” team when we open a new Wingstop. Not only is it growth for us, we know that it is also growth for the community, providing jobs, good food and a family environment for the people of that town. We definitely look forward to continuing to help grow the city of Memphis,” Ross said.

Along with being honored by the mayor, the Grammy-nominated recording artist also visited St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and was introduced to the faculty as well as the children battling cancer. Overcome with emotion, Ross admited he wasn’t prepared for what he would experience.

“I just met children facing with the biggest challenge of their lives and they still have smiles on their faces. My heart goes out to them and their parents. I’m glad that I’m able to lend my consistent support to them through my Memphis based Wingstop locations. These are the biggest bosses I’ve seen thus far. My continued prayers go up for them.”