Spotted: Rihanna Attends ‘Drake Vs. Lil Wayne’ Show In Queens


Those in attendance for the “Drake Vs. Lil Wayne” show in Queens, New York, Tuesday night (Aug. 19) got the chance to ogle at Rihanna. The super bad gal took a breather from her “Monster” tour with Eminem (she performed back-to-back gigs at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey this past weekend) and mingled with fans at the Young Money affair, dressed down in New Balance sneaks, tattered jeans and a black crop top, alongside bestie Melissa Forde. The surprise appearance comes after reports that her and Drake’s romance had fizzled out. Drizzy recently wished the singer well on her tour with Em, tweeting:

As if one “ex” wasn’t enough for Aubrey Graham, Serena Williams was also seen in the crowd at last night’s show. Sidebar: Lil Wayne hit the crowd with Chris Brown’s “Loyal”, where Drake did his best CB dance impersonation. LOL. See Instagram proof below.