Rihanna Gets Heated Over Thirsty Fan

Poor Rihanna. Why you all in my grill? *Missy Elliott voice*. These lyrics were probably stuck on repeat in Rihanna’s head when she encountered some eager fans at the airport this week. A big part of being a celebrity is compromising a large chunk of your personal space, but it does seem to get overwhelming at times.

Riri, who is typically welcoming of fan pictures simply wasn’t in the mood at the moment. Fresh off the plane from Detroit where she was rehearsing for her upcoming tour with Eminem, Ri tried to make her way through JFK airport when she got bombarded by a crowd of people. One of them in particular had no chill button and was creeping a little too close behind her, fiending for a quick flick. Relax bruh. Like any other human being would, she grew irritated and yelled, “Give me a minute! Jesus Christ!”

Watch the video clip after the jump.

Photo Credit: Getty Images