ROC-N-SOLE Is Poised To Be The Premiere Location For Sneakerheads


You see the way my student loans are set up, I can only afford to splurge on a pair of Chuck Taylors every third Tuesday of the eighth month during a leap year.

But for those whose pockets run deep (must be nice) than ROC-N-SOLE is the premiere destination to get your sneaker fix. Located in downtown Brooklyn–just a stone’s throw away from the Barclay Center–the 900 square feet store will sell all kinds of kicks including Pumas, Adidas, along with TrapStar, Msfts, Blood Brothers and No Label Watches.

Jay Z’s right hand man, Tyrone “Ty Ty” Smith, Lenny S, Jeff Harris & Tashawn Smith-Green hosted the store’s VIP opening Wednesday night, which included attendees Melanie Fiona, Victor Cruz, Fabolous and Emily B, DJ Khaled and Adrienne Bailon (that girl is everywhere, ain’t she?)

A grand opening will take place between 1 and 6pm, Friday, Aug. 22, for all the cool kids who want to partake and purchase cool kids attire.

“This is something special we always wanted to do for Brooklyn and we can’t wait to show you guys what we have in the store,”ROC N’ SOLE is looking to bring the hottest and latest fashion to the community.” says Jeff Harris & Lenny S”