Spike Lee To Anderson Cooper: ‘I Think There’s A War On The Black Man’


Film director Spike Lee spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the continuing unrest, racial tensions and violence in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Do The Right Thing director, who is known for not holding his tongue, bluntly told Cooper how he feels about the death of 18-year-old Mike Brown and what he thinks Brown’s death mean for black men in America.

“I think there’s a war on the black man,” Lee said.

Upon hearing Lee’s statement, Cooper appeared stunned and shocked and asked the director to further explain himself.

“Its not just killing us, Anderson. It’s the educational system, the prison system,” Lee continued. “People get blinded. They think because we have Oprah, Lebron James and Jay Z that we’re doing okay, and no disrespect to them, because they’re my dear friends, but they are the exception.”

Spike Lee is just one of many prominent members of the black community to speak out on the unrest taking place in Missouri. Russell Simmons, Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams, Rev. Al Sharpton, St. Louis native Nelly and a host of others have all offered up their condolences to Mike Brown’s family.