Swedes Gone Wild: Crazy Bachelor Party Goes Viral



You thought that U.S bachelor parties were wild? Well check out what happens at a Swedish stag do—but be warned it involves panda costumes, fire-walking and live chickens.

The very random video, which was recently posted to YouTube, is entitled “Tommys svensexa med hönan,” Swedish for “Tommy’s stag with a hen” showed one such event.

In what is probably the weirdest 17 seconds known to man, a intoxicated person (who we guess is Tommy) spins in a circle around a stick, grabs a live chicken and walks through a bonfire. His leg gets caught on fire and he throws the chicken and runs into a river.

The video was taken down from YouTube but has been since reposted on Reddit and has been causing a buzz online ever since.

The bizarre video raises more questions than answers and we are just left guessing this is what all Swedish people get up to when they want to have a good time.

Photo Credit: YouTube