Tatt N Chat: Driicky Graham Gets Inked


Speaking of “Snapbacks and Tattoos,” are you tired of people asking you about that particular song? Is it something that you’re over now?
I’m not tired of the record; the record is always going to be apart of me and a part of my success but what I am tired of is being referred to as Mr. “Snapbacks & Tattoos” because that record is one of my creations but it doesn’t define who I am. I like to stay away from that because I’m Driicky Graham or Fredrick Neechie; whichever one you prefer. “Snapbacks & Tattoos” is just apart of my legacy and I don’t want that to be what everyone calls me. When you see Jordan you don’t say “Hey, that’s the guy who makes shoes.” You say “Hey, that’s the legendary Michael Jordan.”

Describe the perfect date.
The perfect date would be sometime in the afternoon. I’m not super duper romantic to be honest but I can be for the right person. It doesn’t matter whether she likes exotic places or not I like to travel to the islands like Turks and Caicos or St. Maarten. I would take a girl out for lobster or steak with some wine you know, a nice little dinner. I’d also take her to the beach and take a dip in the water and by the end of the night we can catch a movie.

What would you say is a date from hell?
A date from hell would be hanging with a girl that is aggressive or obnoxious. I also would hate it if she weren’t giving me attention. These days everyone is into his or her phone so if she is busy on her phone all night I would be disappointed. You gotta be real interesting, make me smile and make me interested. Show me that you care.