Tatt N Chat: Driicky Graham Gets Inked



What if the female is sending you the photos?
Believe it our not, and I don’t want any guys looking at me crazy, but it’s sexier to send pictures in lingerie than actual nudes because a guy’s imagination likes to take him everywhere. If you just see it plain in your face and you don’t like what you see, everything is just thrown off. If she’s wearing sexy lingerie you can see her shape; something to leave a lasting impression.

Even though you say you aren’t romantic, what’s the most romantic thing you have done for with a special lady?
Walking on the beach at night or stargazing for hours and hours.

Finish the sentence. Couples that _____ together stay together.
I thought it was couples that pray together stay together. Or is it lay together that stay together? I go with couples that pray together, stay together because both parties should have their trust in god and each other.