Tatt N Chat: Driicky Graham Gets Inked



You’re no newbie to the hip-hop scene. Besides your hit song “Snapbacks & Tattoos,” you were also in a Lords of the Underground video for their song “Tic Toc” in 1994 when you were a child. What’s a lesson you’ve learned from the industry thus far?
One lesson I learned is to just be around people that you trust. Always have a circle that is ready to work with you and work for you because I kind of suffered in the beginning without having my business together. This is the music business so you’ve gotta have creativity and business savvy. So that’s pretty much what I learned: to be careful with whom you put your trust in out here and stay working or dedicated to your craft.

Your tattoo is coming out so dope. Did you sketch it yourself?
Actually, I just found the stencil and I thought it would be so ill.

Nice. What about a mentor or fellow rapper? Is there anyone in the industry that you look to for advice?
In the entertainment industry, yeah, but I wouldn’t say anyone in the music industry besides my managing team. They’ve always been helping me out but you know, I listen to a couple of actors like Flex Washington who is a good friend of mine and Khleo Thomas. I made a bunch of different friends but I can’t think of them from the top of my head. We all just share ideas, thoughts, and help each other get through the day so that’s what that is. I don’t like to bother them because they have their own personal lives but we kick it.