Tatt N Chat: Driicky Graham Gets Inked


Have you ever been dumped before? Spill the beans.
Honestly no. I’m usually the one that breaks up with the girl. I don’t really know why it’s that way and I’m not trying to make it look like I’m that guy or whatever but it just happened that way. I just think that like a lot of guys are underrated when they try to be nice to all these girls because it’s viewed as being soft. I feel that quality is underrated because everyone out here is like oh you can’t love no thotties and such. Love is cool, you know?

I’m with you on that one. How does Driicky Graham approach a woman he is interested in?
I’m very observant. I like to see what she’s into from afar before I dive in. I know a lot of things that happen are spur of the moment but I let my words speak and my actions show. That’s just pretty much what it is. I don’t try to take the aggressor role but I’m very confident, though.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I’m a goof ball; I like to watch a lot of comedy and make people laugh sometimes. I used to dance back in the day but I don’t really dance anymore.