Tatt N Chat: Driicky Graham Gets Inked



You were born in Jersey and also raised in North Carolina. However, you came up when the south was dominating. Does the South or East Coast influence your style more?
It was so heavy up north that I just carried that with me down south because artists like Jeezy and T.I. had it but I listened to the north guys first like Fab, Jay-Z, and Nas. Even Eminem, Biggie, Pac, Wu-Tang, and Snoop. There are a lot of people I listen to and I tried to keep well rounded when it came to hip-hop growing up.

DJ Mustard from Cali is really big right now. So what about the West Coast sound? Is that something else that influences you?
Of course, like I said Pac, Snoop, Dre, NWA, and oddly enough, Insane Clown Posse. Wait are they from the West Coast? Yeah, West Side Connection, Nate Dogg, and much more.

You’re currently getting a new tattoo out of many. How many do you have in total?
I lost count. I have my fingers tatted, my neck, my arms, and much more.