Teens Develop App To Monitor Police Brutality


Emotions and tensions are consistently at a boiling point in Ferguson, Mo., due to the shooting death of unarmed teen Mike Brown. Since the Aug. 9th shooting of the 18 year old, the local police have come under scrutiny because of the militarization of their law enforcement. To combat the problem of police brutality, three Georgia teens created the “Five-O” app.

Caleb Christian, 14 and his two sisters, Ima 16, and Asha 15, decided to build the app to help bring about solutions to this ever growing problem.

“We’ve been hearing about the negative instances in the news, for instance most recently the Michael Brown case, and we always talk about these issues with our parents,” Ima Christian told Business Insider. “They always try to reinforce that we should focus on solutions. It’s important to talk about the issues, but they try to make us focus on finding solutions. That made us think why don’t we create an app to help us solve this problem.”

So the teens–all of which who participated in the MIT’s K12 Scratch and App Inventor Program–got to working. “Five-O” allows users to detail any incident involving police and rates the interaction they’ve had with the specific officer. The app also has a community boards for different countries to help craft responses. The goal is to then have data to bring to activists and the media when abuse of power is taking place.

Christen said the app is to not only help highlight the bad officers, but also shed light on the good one who oftentimes get overlooked when tragedy strikes.

This is the greatest of looks. Salute to the young homies.

The app launched today (Aug. 18) and is available for IOS and iPhone.