Throwing Shade: We Found The Flyest Frames Ever


No matter how flawless your summertime fly, rocking a scrunched-up face and squinting in the sun will make any ensemble an instant fail. You should consider a sassy pair of sunglasses your own personal chicken soup for the sol. Not only are shades are a necessity for the sunnier months, they can complete any outfit—if you choose the right pair.

That’s why we’ve rounded 10 of the hottest frames we could find. So whether you’re heading to the beach, chilling at the park or just hanging in your back garden—the only thing being dazzled will be your admirers.

Photo Credit: (L-R) Rach Round Frame Sunglasses $20 Boo Hoo, Gingham Round Sunglasses $36 Topshop and Heart Sunglasses $36 Topshop