Top 10 Worst Ever Celebrity Selfies


We all know that there’s nothing stars love more than snapping selfies—it’s the easiest way to solicit the attention they crave and lap up compliments from thirsty fans. They also know that the right make-up, lighting and editing apps can give  anyone a cover-worthy countenance. Combined with a designer wardrobe, personal trainers and chefs, it’s no wonder they look a million bucks at all times.

Which is why we’re always taken aback by bad celebrity selfies. We’re so used to seeing them at their best, that anything other than a flawless photo just doesn’t compute. While we’ve got to admit, there is something satisfying about seeing filter-free faces looking a hot mess. Maybe because we don’t feel so bad when we have to take 50 selfies just to get one decent one.

So for your viewing pleasure, are nine more stars looking less than perfect…

Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram