Tracy Martin Speaks On Death Of Mike Brown


As protests continue in the wake of the shooting death of unarmed teenager Mike Brown, Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin’s father, spoke with CNN and his first reaction when learning of Mike Brown’s death.
“It takes me back to Feb. 26, 2012 and I start to relive it all over again. I know what this family is going through…I know their hearts are heavy.”

While speaking with CNN anchor Erin Burnett, Martin kept calm and seemed a bit hopeful that Attorney General Eric Holder was in Ferguson, Mo., to speak with the family.

“I think he can make a difference, just by showing that he’s interested and that he’s there with the family and meeting with the family will give them a sense of trust in the justice system.”

However the most telling of the short interview was when Burnett asked Martin if he felt the day Officer Darren Wilson’s name was released to the public, was it an accident video footage of Brown robbing a convenience store was released to the public.

“I think it was done intentionally. I don’t think that was a mistake. I know far too well that things are done intentionally to smear the character of little black and brown kids all across the country.’

Mike Brown was shot by police on Aug. 9. A preliminary autopsy report shows the 18-year-old was shot six times, four in the arm and two in his head. A funeral for the teen will be held Monday (Aug.25)