Tracy Morgan ‘Still Struggling’ After Crash, Attorney Says


After landing in critical condition following a six-vehicle car crash in June, comedian Tracy Morgan’s road to recovery is proving to be a long and serious one.

Rumors swirled about Morgan after the incident, which involved a Walmart tractor trailer and his limo and left fellow comedian James McNair dead, and Morgan and several others critically injured. The comedian’s attorney Benedict Morelli appeared on NBC’s Today Show to give an update on his client’s health.

“He’s still struggling, but he’s a fighter and he’s had issues before that he’s fought through, and he’s fighting hard,” said Morelli, shutting down any Internet fabrications. “The interesting thing is at the beginning, the Internet was saying he was dead, and then they said they amputated his leg. Now it’s coming out that he’s doing great — none of those things are true or accurate.”

Doctors placed Morgan in a rehabilitation clinic after he left the hospital. Since then, the comedian has returned home to continue his physical therapy alongside his wife.

He is also seeking legal action against Walmart instead of driver Kevin Roper, who claimed he hadn’t slept for more than 24 hours before the incident.

“[Roper] works for Walmart, and I’m going to show, if I have to in court, that that’s the culture, that that’s what they set up,” said Morelli, claiming that Walmart fosters an environment where truck drivers go days on end without adequate sleep. He also said that the retail giant hasn’t been fully cooperative in the investigation, despite releasing this statement.

He added, “They know and, by the way, he isn’t the only driver that drives hundreds of miles to get to work. They have to make sure that this doesn’t happen.”