Trap Thursday: 6 Smokin’ Trap Joints Of The Week


From DMC to Master of the Mix Jayceeoh has conquered the DJ competitions of the world while releasing an impressive catalogue of music including Go Harder 2.0. Joining him on the track is mystery group Made Monster, which consists of simply, Chris and Ryan. You can definitely tell that the producers had a love for big room electro, but when you get as grimy as they do with this fusion, you’re going to conquer the world of trap.

My buddy sent this to me and to be honest I absolutely hate Lil Wayne. However, Haterade and Kill System definitely made this a whole new track. From giant drops to the classic topline, they marked this remix with respect. I’m sure people are going to be turning heads from now on when they hear Haterade and Kill System.

The Gladpvck is back! The bromance between Loudpvck and Gladiator is well known, but we also know when they get together they bang out some massive tunes. Adding to the mix they brought on Nipsey Hussle who I’m sure I don’t need to introduce. How do I describe this song in one word…HUGE.

Throw your hands up for San Diego. Welcome to the table a younger duo who decided to remix major hip-hop stars Maejor Ali, Kid Ink, and Trey Songs. This can usually be a 50/50 of success and complete failure. However… kudos to Maison Cartel. This is how you do a remix.

I’mmma let you finish but…you gotta check this out first! I keep hearing this new rowdy sub genre of trap called Jersey Trap, which is just straight party music. Deviating from that
100bpm world, it speeds it up and can really make everyone wild out. Which is exactly what Ricky Vaughn, Maxx, and EJ are going to do with this Kanye bootleg.

Keys N Krates are some of the most interesting, forward thinking individuals in the game. How often do you hear about a group of guys creating electronic music with actual instruments? ZOMG RIGHT?!?!?! Their new Dim Mak release is going to make you get a glimpse of whats to come for all of us. And you know what? It’s exciting.

Words: Devan Welch/Rubix Management