Vixen Chat: Rainy Milo Plays ‘Cootie Catcher Confessions’



Q: You started singing with local musicians and arts collectives when you were just 14. How did that happen?
Rainy Milo: I mostly found everyone via Facebook, being from South Norwood all my mates were guys and they started their grime scene but I wasn’t really into that. So I started looking on Facebook finding people that sort of dressed similar to me and then finding out who they hang out with and then via that I got into hanging out with music collectives from South East London.

So it was all done on social media. Do you find you are using that to connect to people?
Definitely. I feel like I’m on Tumblr every day and that’s how it started. I say that I first put my song out and expected no one to hear it but of course, now I think about it, because I had the Tumblr for about 2 years before ever releasing music I already had my own sort of miniature platform. Obviously it’s grown a lot now, but I had at least something to start from.

You’ve said in an interview that you grew up in an area “which gave little hope to anyone, it’s almost like they were told that they had a crappy fate and were willing to just go along with it.” Why do you think you didn’t go along that path yourself?
I feel like my mum always really drilled it into me and my brother and sister just not to become a product of our environment, like why can’t you be ghetto but kinda graceful, too? So I was determined to not just stay where we were. I wanted to see other things, hence why I was always hanging out in Central London and trying to be as far away as possible. I wanted to see it all.

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