Vixen Chat: Rainy Milo Plays ‘Cootie Catcher Confessions’



You also mentioned that growing up your mum “never played only one genre in the house” and that this rubbed off on you – what type of music did she listen to?
It’s crazy, she went from Jim Reeves to Ella Fitzgerald, while my sister would be playing 2Pac in the house so literally I wasn’t starved of different styles of music, I think that’s why my music is so eclectic now, as I’ve pinched pieces that were played and made it my own.

You have a reggae DJ grandfather. Tell us more about that, did he influence you to get into music?
He was big around Brixton (an area of South London with a big Caribbean community) and me and my cousins would be there with him buying vinyls and, again, it was more music I was being around. I would be at my grandmother’s house on the weekends and there would be different music there, too, in my own house. So it was always following me.

What type of things inspire you to write music?
Just real life scenarios. I feel like I was just making music selfishly just for me, really. It was all my own personal self-healing doing that. So rather than talking about things, I would just write. I feel like that’s where it comes from.

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