Vixen Chat: Rainy Milo Plays ‘Cootie Catcher Confessions’



Do you have any embarrassing songs on your phone/iPod?
No, I’m proud of everything on there!

Who is your #WCW?
There is a girl named Briana Shanee on Instagram, she’s really cute. She just moved from Texas to New York to model and I thought that was neat that she made such a big jump.

Would you ever do something like that?
Would I ever move far? I left London when I was 16 to go to the Bay to record my first mixtape and I was away for like 3 months and I’d never done that before so I felt like that was kind of my big jump.

Were you scared to come over to the U.S this time around?
Not so much this time, the scariest thing was getting on the plane. I always used to cry when saying goodbye to everyone and now I’m like “I just want to go now!”


Rainy’s official debut album, This Thing Of Ours, is out now in the UK, with an official release date for the US coming soon.

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