Vixen Vent: Celebs, Stop Explaining Yourself for Everything



Instagram and Twitter killed the mystique of celebrities. So long to the days when we wondered what our R&B crush had for dinner or what he’s doing in his private mansion while us regular folk were kicking it at home in homely sweats. With the advent of social media, we now get full-blown tours of plush pop star pads—in real time. Who needs MTV Cribs? We won’t even pretend that kind of accessibility isn’t cool, because it certainly can be. What can become annoying are the constant disclaimers defending every questionable life decision. I have one piece of advice for all the public figures out there—stop explaining yourselves for everything.

Take Beyonce as an example. Trolls, critics and even fans slander her every chance they get. And yet, whether it was controversy surrounding her “fake” pregnancy or the infamous #ElevatorGate episode, she never used her social networks to address anyone directly. Some even accuse Bey of trying too hard to project an image of perfection. I call it smart.

Growing up, I was taught that you should always take the high road because what other people think of you is none of your business. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to explain every single action you take. If you’re a celebrity and want to upload pictures of your shameless moments or do something you love that others find unacceptable, who cares? Someone is always going to find a reason to criticize, so there’s no use trying to justify your every move so that everyone else can sleep at night. In other words, VIP Vixens, make like Beyonce and ditch the doubty disclaimers.  Those who matter, don’t mind and those who mind, don’t matter.