VV Must-Have: Nike + FuelBand SE


Nike Fuelband1

The Nike + FuelBand SE is geek chic and a VIBE Vixen must-have.

Sure, the FuelBand has been around for some time now but Nike always seems to add tiny accoutrements that revamp their products instantly. Their newest METALUXE collection is just what us fashionable Vixens need.

With the upgrades include the NikeFuel, these bands are able to track our daily movements. And if you think getting in shape is a group effort, don’t worry, the Nike + FuelBand has an app that allows you and your friends to stay connected. It also is equipped with track activities and intensity of workouts.

The fitness tracker wristband is now offered in stainless steel gold, rose gold, and silver. You can achieve your fitness meets fashion look for just $149.

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Photo Credit: Nike

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