Watch: David Banner Weighs In On ‘Raising Black Children In America’


The shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, has sparked much dialogue about the safety of minority children around the country. Last night, CNN hosted a discussion titled Raising Black Children In America, where Don Lemon led a panel including political commentator Charles Blow, New York Times op-ed columnist Sunny Hostin, and rapper David Banner.

Banner clarified some statements he posted on Twitter about race relations, saying, “White cops do not see value in young black men. And the reason why a lot of young black men, not all black men, kill eachother is because they don’t see any value either.”

The rapper explained on-air, “So many people have bought into this Americanized system and America historically has always tortured, killed, and enslaved black people. And I have not forgot that.”

More details from the Ferguson case have surfaced since Michael Brown’s passing as his friends and witnesses have come forward to share their accounts of the shooting.

Watch the full discussion above.