Watch: James Franco Interviews Nicki Minaj On ‘Anaconda’ Cover Art


James Franco has assumed a new role as the host of a mock late-night talk show titled “Dave Skylark Tonight.” In promotion for MTV’s forthcoming Video Music Awards, Franco enlisted the fake alias to interview a few celebrities that’ll be in attendance for the annual event. From Jason Derulo to Nicki Minaj, the comedic statements rubbed the guest stars the wrong way, leading a few of the artists to curse out Franco. With a handful of questions surrounding the “Super Bass” rapper’s derrière, specifically on the cover for her “Anaconda” single, The Interview actor agitated the Queens-native, but it was all in the name of comedy. “Do you have to go to the gym for this or is that what you was born with?” Franco asked the Queen Barb, to which she answered “Umm…yeah a little bit of both.” Check out the video above and watch the VMAs on August 24 at 9pm.