Watch: Joe Stops By The Breakfast Club To Discuss State Of R&B & R. Kelly


R&B crooner Joe is “the Luther Vandross” of the game–or so he says on The Breakfast Club.

The R&B veteran stopped by the morning show on Thursday (Aug. 14), to dish on his feelings about burgeoning artists, his ideal R&B supergroup, and fellow singer R. Kelly.

The “All The Things” artist described his reaction to R&B music now as, “It’s cool,” and continued, “It’s a point right now where it’s heavily influenced by hip hop culture. It’s nothing wrong with that but at the same time I’d like to see artists write a little bit more passionate love songs. Something that can last for a lot longer than just right now.”

The 41-year-old, with more than 20 years of music under his belt, has surely made his way to vet status. With R&B supergroups like TGT re-energizing their careers, Joe hasn’t felt the need to form an R&B collective. “I’ve been approached by a couple of gentlemen in the game who wanted to form a group, but I think solo is my thing. If it’s going to be a group thing I really want to have someone who is like myself: that can write, produce, and play instruments.” John Legend and D’Angelo were his first draft picks with R. Kelly as an honorable mention (if the Pied Piper hadn’t tried to sabotage his career in the 90’s).

Watch the full interview to see what the “Don’t Wanna Be a Player” singer had to say about Kells above.