Watch: Lupe Fiasco Discusses New Album, His Relationship With Atlantic Records


During a stop by Sirius XM show “#TorGuideSXM” on Tuesday (Aug. 19), Lupe Fiasco revealed a few details about his forthcoming album Tetsuo & Youth, and also delved into his thoughts on still being signed to Atlantic Records.

The Chicago emcee said he can’t wait to finish his contract with the music entity and continued, “Even with that said, I’m coming with the biggest records of my career over the next two albums just to set myself up for that post-Atlantic Records career. I’ve had a very interesting run for various reasons. I don’t even think about it anymore. I just go ahead. I rock with my homies at the label who are my homies…but that executive level don’t fuck with your boy too heavy. And it’s good, it is what it is.”

The “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” rapper also mentioned that since he doesn’t have a 360-deal the record label “can’t eat off of my merchandise or my publishing or my touring, they treat me like a third-class citizen up there.”

Watch the interview above.